When I first came to ACLC in 7th grade, about 6 years ago, I was surprised by the apparent lack of a professional environment you'd expect a high requirement school to have, instead this looked like a playground. Over time I got comfortable with the wild look of the school. Throughout my times at ACLC I made many friends and discovered many new things, at the same time many friends left the school and i missed them. I’ve gotten accustomed to the odd schedules the school has and have started to like it. The school’s teachers were also very nice and supportive and always made sure you were on track to college. My time in ACLC was great and will never forget it.

New Basics

To graduate it is required to exceed in certain qualities to assure the best outcome when applying for college. Of all the qualities I perform well in New Basics. New Basics is the understanding of math, politics, communication and language, and historical/ social awareness, people who choose this quality usually perform well in all this, I have most of the requirements for this quality, such as reading, science, and arts, but i'm still troubled by some, like mathematics/arithmetic, I know a lot of math, and I enjoy it, but I don't know all of it. Some aspects of this quality such as writing (tho i have improved on this i'm not yet satisfied),  and fitness and health I’m still working on. I know I can still perform better but i can see myself performing well in this quality.

Thinking and reasoning Skills

Personal  Qualities, Works Habits and Attitudes means to think creatively, know to solve problems and learning to learn. For the most part I need to improve on this skill, i'm not very good on certain aspects of this skill such as decision making, I have a hard time making up my mind a lot as i'm known for always switching after choosing, this really can be problematic when choosing certain classes. I also have a problem with Learning to Learn, in other words, remembering, my memory isn't that good and sometimes forget to do assignments for classes or check jupiter grades, i'm currently working on improving this skill the most. One thing i'm good at is thinking creatively, I can always come up with ideas for works that I have to do and make them serious or humourous.

Personal Qualities, Work Habit, and Attitudes.

This quality mainly deals with social and personal skills such as self esteem, and motivation. I'm not bad at this quality but i'm not good. I'm still working on self management since i'm a procrastinator, my main technique in solving this is to force myself to do the work regardless whether i do or don’t want to, this can also be applied to responsibility. I do feel i am an honest person, i’ve told the truth whether it benefits me or not, sometimes people say i'm too honest but i'm not sure how i can fix that. I’m a bit selfless, I give a lot to people for the sake of being kind, and I usually help people when they need help in certain homeworks. In return they help me in a topic they understand. I'm not a very social person, if anything, people say i'm anti-social, i'm not gonna disagree but i wouldn’t completely agree as i am sort of social, but I am working on being more social with people, especially facilitators.

Interpersonal Ability

Interpersonal ability usually relates to the interactions I have with other colleagues, such as working in teams, leading, and working with people of other background. This quality is no problem to me compared to others, I'm perfectly comfortable working with anyone, like the group project our biology teacher provided us, I worked in a team of four people, and the project ended up getting a good grade. I'm very good when working in a team but I don't feel confident being given the responsibility to lead one. I always help people I know do their homework or whatever work they ask me to help them in in order for them to get a better grade because I know they’d do the same for me. I don't think I'm very good at negotiating with people or debating as it takes me time to come up with a rebuttal and I get nervous easily. This quality is still one I need work on but I haven't had to deal with it so far.


The only skill I feel the most confident about and believe I exceed in is technology. I use it everyday and have a deep understanding of it. I apply technology to school work everyday because it makes completing my task quicker, such as my current government class which requires me to sign into their website and do the work online. Technology is especially  helpful when working in group projects since we can all work on a project from our homes. If I ever need help on homework, I can look online for help on t eventually understand the topic or the problem.


I have no problem with most of the qualities and can do them, however I feel I still need work on many minor aspects of each quality to further improve my academic readiness for college. I hope that further in time I can succeed in all the qualities without trouble and feel more confident with myself when being faced with difficult tasks that require them.